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There are 5,200+ displays in supermarkets across the United States including mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer stores. Since its inception, Good Neighbor has provided this same service to the direct marketing industry as an "alternative media" channel.

Direct mail marketers looking to generate additional leads and orders for a product or service have used the program to supplement their traditional media efforts. Direct mail businesses such as continuity clubs, distance learning, collectible figurines, life insurance, and even magazine subscription services use the program.

Other users of the program have been the federal government disseminating information on safe drinking water, highway safety, national parks, cancer, AIDS, and more.

The Good Neighbor Consumer Information Center program has provided 35 years of quality service to the supermarket industry. Through the years it has been the goal of Good Neighbor to help the retailer be the "good neighbor" to its shoppers, and has always believed in "doing well by doing good".