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The Good Neighbor Program for Retailers

Good Neighbor provides Consumer Information Centers free to retailers, primarily supermarkets. The Consumer Information Centers include space for customers’ non-commercial FREE Ad cards and community announcements.

Good Neighbor provides general interest brochures and public safety literature.

Good Neighbor can also provide bulletin boards, literature racks, recipe/rebate tear off pad racks and other fixtures designed to help organize printed materials at the front of the stores.

Good Neighbor installs and services the fixtures it provides at no cost to the retailer.

The Good Neighbor organization sponsors The Annual Good Neighbor Award of Excellence which rewards both employees and shoppers who are active volunteers in their communities. Good Neighbor Award winners receive contributions to their designated charity. All Good Neighbor Award nominees are recognized for their volunteer work.

Why the Good Neighbor Program is Invaluable to Retailers

Community Message Center
—Shoppers post their free, non-commercial messages and community event announcements.

Service—Provided regularly by trained Good Neighbor representatives includes replacing message cards, rotation of materials, re-supplying literature and Free Ad cards and a thorough cleaning of the display.

Public Health Information—Pamphlets are stocked on subjects like nutrition, child safety, proper use of medications, drinking water safety, and disease state management.

Good Neighbor Awards—The Good Neighbor Awards of Excellence for Outstanding Community Service encourages retail managers to nominate deserving employees and shoppers who make a difference in their communities by volunteering.

General Interest Take-One Brochures—Offers are made available from the Wall Street Journal, Rodale Press and other publishers, insurance companies, schools, travel companies and other clients.

Public Service Poster Display—Space is available to highlight a public service or cause-related campaign as with Wal-Mart’s "Good Works" program involving its public service activities.

Free Literature Distribution—Retailers may provide printed materials to Good Neighbor for distribution on the displays in their stores by Good Neighbor service representatives.

Relationships with the Biggest Retailers Today—Kroger, A&P, Jewel, Albertson’s, Dominicks, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Giant, Waldbaums, Meijer, Food Lion, and many others.